Art and Events Studio Up Dates

In Person Events 2022

So this summer there are many events to find me in person!

Starting off with July 2nd. 11a-3p at the The Freeport Market for the “Meet the Artist” weekly series. Which each week at The Freeport Market there is one or two vendors there as high lighted artists. Doing special items, doing work to see how they do their thing. I’m still planning out what I am doing so put that on your calendar and find out!

In August I will be opening a solo show of Monster paintings up in Bangor at the Nichols Block Gallery, Bangor Arts Exchange. The opening will be August 5th, 2022. More info and times will be posted as I get closer to the date.

Then far out in October you will be able to find me in Portland at the Congress Square “All Hollows’ Market. That will be on Oct 23, 11a-3p. I will have monster items plus more Halloween limited edition items as well!

Then you can also find me on Saturdays once a month at the Freeport Harraseeket Grange #9, July 16, Aug 20, Sept 17, and Oct 15. At those monthly markets I will have a very limited amount of items.

Also stop by The Freeport Market and The Maine Souviner Shop in Portland to find Hats, Bags, T-Shirts and more items I have made by had. I hope to see you at one or more events!

You can also find info on items I have for sale at or on Instagram. Also follow The Official Maine Monster to see what items come out of that project!


Art Work In Progress Studio Up Dates

It has been sometime since I last and really the first time posted about the studio. Getting ready for some print projects involving hand carved stamps of Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti, UFO’s and Loch Ness/Champ Sea/Lake Monsters. I have some tests to do then I will make the announcements soon!

Studio Up Dates

Welcome to the Studio portion of my site. Sorry for the mess. I do have some spring cleaning and other things to do around the studio soon!

Now I just want to let you know I will be posting write ups from what is being worked on for projects, thoughts on art and other kind of things that may not fit in all my other sections of the site. As you might notice in the mess that the studio is in right now there are some new projects to come. From paintings, there are sculpture or metal work plans, screen printing, other forms of printing and many more projects to come!

Also keep an eye on things at (Facebook or Instagram) for other projects and some of the things created will be promoted for sale through that Etsy shop. As you can see in the shop portion of this site. Thank you for visiting and please keep an eye out for updates to come!